100% pure beef, charcoal-grilled and served on a seasame seed bun with salad and chips or a baked potato

¼ lb £5.35 & ½ lb £5.75

Kojak Like the man himself - nothing on top.

007 Camouflaged with grilled cheese.  

Furrillo Tomato, cheese and oregano, just like "pizzaman".

Cannon Grilled bacon and melted cheese.  

Clouseau Classical French mushroom sauce.

McCloud Real Texas chilli sauce.   

Charlie Chan Smothered in curry sauce.  

Five 'O'Hawaiian sweet and sour sauce.  

Columbo Topped with pate and grilled.  

Charlie's Angel No chips, no bun but lots of salad.   

K Paul Burger Dusted in Cajun spices.

Starsky and Hutch A great combination, your choice of two of the above toppings on a half-pounder.   

Vegetarian Burger v Can be served with any of the above toppings.