All our pizzas are homemade and topped with tomato and mozzarella cheese. Available with either a 12" thin crispy or a 9" deep pan base.

Margherita v Cheese and tomato with oregano.  £5.45  

Cippoli v With cheese and onion.  £5.45


Al Funghi v With fresh mushrooms.  £6.10  

Al Prosciutto With seasoned ham.  £6.10  

Milanaise With homemade meat sauce.  £6.45  

Mexicana With hot chilli sauce.  £6.45  

Capriciosa With ham and mushrooms.  £6.30  

Napoletana With capers and anchovies.  £6.55


American Hot With salami, hot and sweet peppers.  £6.55  

Carribean With ham and pineapple.  £6.30  

Calzone Rolled and stuffed with ham, spinach and cottage cheese.  £6.70  

Calzone Kiev Rolled and stuffed with garlic and chicken.  £6.80  

Marinara With prawns, cockles and mussels.  £6.70  

Inn Cognito Special Unsurpassed in the history of modern man.  £6.70  

Pesciolino The seafood special.  £6.70  

Prawn and Tuna Fresh prawns and tuna.  £6.80  

Chicken and Sweetcorn Chicken and sweetcorn.  £6.70

Vegetarian v No meat or fish.  £6.55  

Extra toppings from 80p.

Split pizzas on Friday and Saturday nights for an extra £2.20